Handing the Shame Back

REOSA Interview

January 11, 2023 Gloria Masters Season 2 Episode 29
Handing the Shame Back
REOSA Interview
Show Notes

Libby and Kate are sisters who did  a walk of awareness throughout NZ to share information about REOSA (Ripple effects of sexual abuse). What they found on the way, the lives they touched and the work they wish to continue is all revealed, so for all this and more: please watch this interview!
Reach out to REOSA on their website: https://www.reosa.co.nz/ and they are also active and able to be reached on IG and FB
NZ    Sexual Harm Helpline, 0800 044 334 or text 4334, support@safetotalk.nz.
          Help Auckland  0800 623 1700. Male Survivors Aotearoa, Freephone: 0800 044 334
USA  RAINN https://www.rainn.org/ Largest US support for adult survivors of child sexual abuse
UK    NAPAK  https://napac.org.uk/  Supporting recovery from childhood abuse
AUSTRALIA   Blue Knot Foundation - https://blueknot.org.au/  Provide support to people who have experiences of complex trauma, and for those who support them.
To get some more resources from Gloria, go to: https://www.handingtheshameback.org/
If you wish to get some coaching from Gloria, go to https://gloriamasters.com/coaching-services/  #childhoodsexualabuse #survivorofsexualabuse #survivorsupport 
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To learn more reach out to
https://www.handingtheshameback.org/ https://www.youtube.com/@handingtheshameback

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