Handing the Shame Back

Round the Bays 2023

January 18, 2023 Gloria Masters
Handing the Shame Back
Round the Bays 2023
Show Notes

Handing The Shame Back is doing its first charity held event. For those not familiar Round the bays charity fun run or walk is held in NZ annually and is a great way to raise money for our foundation.
It is being held Sunday 5 March. I am doing this with the board members, other survivors and supporters. WHY are we doing this? the silence around child sexual abuse is deafening and this is one way we can bring attention to it! You can help support out Charity and givealittle through scanning the QR code shown on screen to donate via givealittle, or go to HTSB to join our team. The money will go towards merchandise, and refreshments after the run.
 If you would like to join our team, and we would love to have you to, just  scan the QR code on the screen or visit the Round the Bays registration page and search for the "Handing the Shame Back" team to join. All relevant information is on our website as well 
If you decide to be part of HTSB  team, please do share our givealitle page with your supporters/followers, THE more people we have join us, the more we can help. 
We look forward to meeting you!!

To learn more reach out to
https://www.handingtheshameback.org/ https://www.youtube.com/@handingtheshameback

We are on all Social Media Platforms